A downloadable game for Windows

First game ever and first Ludum Dare for the 33th entry!
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You play an affective Kraken who is looking for love on the World Wide Sea. Will you find it? Will you search only for one day romances (scoring) or for the real one..

Use the directional arrows to wander around the map

Combat mode:
Dodge bullets by using WASD for the left tentacle and the directional arrows for the right tentacle (you can even play with your girlfriend/boyfriend on the same keyboard!)

Hope this will make you smile and give you mood for love! Even if you are a monster...


Note: To find the true love, you might need to score a little bit (min. 5000). Stronger boats means bigger score.

Install instructions

Decompress the .zip where you like and launch FHK_ld33.exe


Free Hugs Kraken win.zip 23 MB

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