Hello !

The general Lisper orders you to destroy the death star. Use your shpaceshifpt to fulfill your mission!

Your shpaceshifpt has the capacity to change its shape to get through obstacles. Use it wisely to go as far as you can!


On keyboard:

  • Movement - WASD
  • Changing shape - U/I or Top/Bottom Arrow
  • Rotation - IJKL or Left/Right Arrow

On controller:

  • Movement - Left stick
  • Changing shape - L1/R1 button
  • Rotation - XYAB

Have fun, and submit your high score in the comments ! :)


  • Jeremy G.-R.
  • Kevin L.
  • Julien O.
  • Gabriel C.


  • Jens KiilStofte - A new Dawn
  • Aaron Spencer - Urban evasion

Create for the LudumDare #35


LD35-Shpaceshifpt-win.zip 38 MB
LD35-Shpaceshifpt_Win_PostJam.zip 38 MB

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